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The Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)

The following is a quotation from "Fire alarm control panel." Wikipedia contributors. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

"A Fire Alarm Control Panel, also referred to as a Fire Alarm Panel or FACP, normally referred to as a Panel within the fire protection industry is a central control device for detecting, reporting and acting on occurrences of fires within a building. There are two types of panels: conventional panels, and analog addressable panels.

In a conventional panel, fire detection devices including, but not limited to smoke detectors, heat detectors and manual call points or manual pull stations are joined up with a number connected to each circuit. When a device on the circuit is activated, the panel recognizes an alarm on that circuit and could be set up to take a number of actions including directly calling the fire department via an alarm transportation system (ATS).

An addressable panel is a more modern type of panel, and has greater flexibility than a conventional panel. An addressable panel has a number of loops, where a number of devices are able to be connected, each with its own address. There is no standard protocol as such, and thus a number of proprietary solutions exist. Loop devices have traditionally been able to have 99 or 100 devices connected, but more recent protocols allow many more. This is usually overcome by having multiple loops on one system.

Fire panels are required in the Building code for new structures in most countries."

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