Emergency/Exit Light Testing and Maintenance 

We inspect emergency lighting and exit sign inspections so that you know your lights are inoperable before the electricity goes out and your tenants are left in the dark. Your lights are required to be tested annually for functionality.

We offer incredibly competitive pricing on testing as well as replacement of batteries for your exit and emergency lighting fixtures.

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Following are some lighting regulations on test and maintaining Exit & Emergency lighting systems:

OSHA Code of Federal Regulations

  • Requires adequate and reliable illumination for all exits
  • Requires proper maintenance to assure that exit lighting is in continuously proper operating condition

NFPA 70 - National Electric Code

  • Requires specific illumination and performance of emergency and exit lights
  • Provides functional standards for battery-powered emergency and exit lighting

NFPA 101 - Life Safety Code

  • Requires a monthly inspection of all emergency and exit lighting systems
  • Requires an annual test of all emergency and exit lighting systems

International Fire Code

  • Requires proper illumination of means of egress
  • Requires assurance that emergency and exit lighting systems will provide illumination for at least 60 minutes