Colorado Alarm, LLC, now offers backflow preventer inspection and testing. Please contact our office for pricing: (720) 249-4010 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please note that water purveyors have begun to charge for the  submission of test reports. Unfortunately, this cost will be added to all applicable tests done in these districts. Currently Thornton ($14.95/ report) and Ft Collins ($9.95/ report) are the affected areas. 


Backflow prevention devices are used to protect our water supply from contamination. Most water departments require annual backflow preventer testing to ensure the devices are functioning properly.

A double check valve or double check assembly (DCA) is a backflow prevention device designed to protect water supplies from contamination. It consists of two check valves assembled in series usually with a ball valve or gate valve installed at each end for isolation and testing. Often, small ball valves are in place to attach test equipment for evaluating whether the double check assembly is still functional.

The double check valve assembly is suitable for prevention of back pressure and back siphonage, but is not suitable for high hazard applications. It is commonly used on fire sprinkler systems.